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  1. Just, by sending me a PM with the request to remove my video would be enough. Why would you have a teammember remove my video when I can do it myself? Just wanted to share a fun video, i'm sorry if you guys think this was a wrong discission of me, but instead of this whole discussion, just a private message with the request was enough. Thanks for the nice reactions.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments, all recordings are made on my cellphone (Samsung S7 Edge) without use of selfysticks or any hardware to hold my phone. I agree that unproffesional people who have never recorded onride shots can bring other people in dangerous, however I have never lost my phone or camera on any ride. I asked some of the staff if it was okay to record ( BM, CA, Winjas ) and all was okay. I didnt't ask at Taron tho.
  3. Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this forum. Because alot of members have a problem that i'm recording in Rollercoasters in Phantasialand I have removed this video. The last thing I want to do is to leave you guys dissapointed , thats why i'm going to post some pictures of my trip below.
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