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wednesday July 6


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Since my mother is doing pretty okay right now, I can be at the park wednesday from about 11 till 14 hours...

I know it is a short time time, but maybe just enough to finally ride Taron and Raik and visit Klugheim..


Is there maybe anyone else at the park, because it is time I finally meet some more of the Phantafriends B)

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17 minutes ago, DarkShadow said:

Hei @bababoel, i will visit the Phantasialand tomorrow. Im there from 9am to 8pm. When you arrived the Park you can write me and i met you in the Park.  ;)  I hope you understand my Special English :D



Yes, I understand your English... Nice to meet you tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe, I can be there a little longer (I hope so..), but I don't know yet.

When I arrive I will write you through the site of Phantafriends

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