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Hello people! :)


First of all i am still learning the German language, that's why i am writing this in English for now haha. 


I am Darrin, i am 21 years old. I am a metalhead and a rollercoaster enthusiast.

I just recently got my Erlebnis-Pass. I got introduced to Phantafriends by Jane (Bababoel) and i am visiting Phantasialand quite often with her.


About me: As long as i can remember i am a rollercoaster enthusiast. The first time i was in Phantasialand is a (for me) long time ago, The Phantasialand Jet, 1001 Nacht, Silver city and Race for Atlantis where still in the park. My favourite coaster in Phantasialand is Taron (of course :P) followed by Black Mamba and Temple. My favourite theme parks are Phantasialand, Efteling, Toverland and Europa Park. I try to visit one of them every week because i just cannot get enough of it. I am a gamer as well, i mainly play Battlefield and Planet Coaster. I own a Facebook page about theme parks and rollercoasters together with a good friend of mine, it is called DutchCoasters.


I look forward to the discussions and participation on this forum. :)

Hello Phantafriends from Holland!


Lieben Gruß,






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Welkom Darrin op het forum.  leuk dat je je toch eindelijk aangemeld hebt hahaha.

Je zult hier genoeg leuke topics vinden, niet alleen over Phantasialand, maar ook over andere parken en zelfs over games.


Veel plezier hier en tot woensdag.


Für meine Deutsche Freunden:  das war ein wilkommen in Niederlandisch hahaha



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Hey Darrin,

welcome! I am looking forward to see you on wednesday when I meet Jane again. 

I love metal, too, I am a gamer, too (Borderlands 2, Elite Dangerous, Skyrim) and my favorite coaster is Taron - of course. My favorite parks are Phantasialand and Toverland - I think, we will have fun together next week! :000_yes:

If you like Jane that much and she likes you - I know what to expect :ugly:


Greetings from Sandra!

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