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  1. They are going really fast! They where welding something on the new wall yesterday. Forgot to take a picture of it.
  2. Hello people! First of all i am still learning the German language, that's why i am writing this in English for now haha. I am Darrin, i am 21 years old. I am a metalhead and a rollercoaster enthusiast. I just recently got my Erlebnis-Pass. I got introduced to Phantafriends by Jane (Bababoel) and i am visiting Phantasialand quite often with her. About me: As long as i can remember i am a rollercoaster enthusiast. The first time i was in Phantasialand is a (for me) long time ago, The Phantasialand Jet, 1001 Nacht, Silver city and Race for Atlantis where still in the park. My favourite coaster in Phantasialand is Taron (of course ) followed by Black Mamba and Temple. My favourite theme parks are Phantasialand, Efteling, Toverland and Europa Park. I try to visit one of them every week because i just cannot get enough of it. I am a gamer as well, i mainly play Battlefield and Planet Coaster. I own a Facebook page about theme parks and rollercoasters together with a good friend of mine, it is called DutchCoasters. I look forward to the discussions and participation on this forum. Hello Phantafriends from Holland! Lieben Gruß, Darrin
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