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hallo, hello


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Hallo allen,

I am Jane from the Netherlands. I can speak and read German, but not write it, so I hope Englisch will do.

Of course I can write in Dutch, but I think the majority here cab read Englisch better.

I hope this is allowed; otherwise I have to quit already.

I have been reading here for several months now because I am a huge Phamtasialand-fan. My first visit to the the park was in 1978 (as a little girl with my parents) and since then I fell in love with it. Every year I make the trip there (only 45 minutes from home) and the last 5 years I try to go every month with my son, who is now also in love with the park.

Thank you for your understanding and I like to hear if Englisch is a problem...


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vor einer Stunde schrieb Shade:

Welcome in the Community. I hope, you´ll have a lot of fun here. Perhaps we´ll see us in the Phantasialand, talk together and have a lot of fun. :)

I Always look around in the park to see if I can spot one of you all (seen on the photo's here). But now I am (finally..) a member of the Community, this will be a lot easier:). Maybe one day I can even participate on your "Trefecke", but I believe that is mostly on Sundays? That's one of the days I have to work...:wacko:

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vor 7 Minuten schrieb Shade:

That´s bad. But don´t worry, many of us visit the Phantasialand within a week. Also on Saturday. So, when you ask at our "Treffecke", I think, some users say "Yes, I can!" :D

Thanks! Mostly I go there on a weekday, but with my son I mostly go on a Saturday. So that is an option:D


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vor 11 Stunden schrieb cephista:

We ususally go on weekdays too. I do not like crowds :D And I hate to wait.

Some people already have some Merchandise from the forum, so maybe you can spot us this way - with our neat Phantafriends T-Shirts and Sweatshirts on. :D

I hate to wait too... *happy with the quickpasses on the Erlebnisspass* :D

I will look for the T-shirts the next time;)

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vor 11 Stunden schrieb Rinya:

Hello Jane and welcome to our community, I hope you'll like it here and have a lot of fun! 

Funny thing, I live near the border to the Netherlands (Münsterland, if that helps) so I can understand a rather big amount of dutch if it's written - but oh dear hearing it is so hard to understand. And don't let me get started on speaking it myself :D
But still, english shouldn't be a problem and it's so exciting to have a None-at-all-German speaking member now! :)

I can speak and understand German, and read most of it without using Google-translate:). But I can't write it at all....

But when I ever see you at the park, I will talk Dutch to you...then you know it's me:D

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