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  1. Hi everyone, Maybe my question have an answer in previous 110 pages, but topic navigation is not very user friendly and Google Translate have some lags.. I try to understand the conception of building, with Hollywood Tour, Fantissima and TOTNHF... See this schema found on another topic : On OpenStreetMap, we can see the coaster track I conclude that Hollywood Tower and Fantissima are... under the coaster ? Thanks for your answer
  2. Oh well done, i didn't know this topic ! Great ! Thanks !
  3. I discovered this ride some years ago and i was very surprised ! It's... fun ! Old, cheap, little bit scary.. but fun ! On a side in France, we have a park dedicated to cinema, and a "Studio Tram Tour" with... well... nothing interesting... and the other side, at Brühl, we have this... little boat ride... much more interesting ... it's very fun ! I'm a big fan of OpenRCT2 and II try to reproduce Phantasialand I try to draw layout of Hollywood Tour with Youtube videos, unfortunately, videos are old, mixed or very dark.. Is there a blueprint or schema of layout ? Thanks for your help !
  4. "Broken", "Out of order", "magically glued to the ground", you can use many of words to describe it but in all case : it doesn't work
  5. Hello, How long the "Freifall-Schiene" element on Force track is out of order ?
  6. Re everybody ! Once again, thanks for all previous answer. I was in the park 30 and 31 may (with lots of people...) and yes, i constated the change between morning program (more intensify) and afternoon program (more long, with music and speech. Unfortunately, 1/3 of lifts are out of order...
  7. Thanks for answers ! Next time, we'll check our watchs before ride the castle
  8. Hello everybody ! A french fan of Phantasialand ! My first visit was in 2015, and i discovered this drop tower with its... hum.. particular theme (50% medieval, 50% mad scientist , wtf...) Every year, i make a trip with my wife and my daughter, we love this free fall, but in our last visit, we had the impression that the ride was very short... Spiel was cut (when we have a spiel... sometimes, we don't heard the voice of the doctor..), one launch, one acceleration to the top, and drop... Nothing else... I suppose there are some programs, short and long, based on park visitation, but in our case, park wasn't really full... Are we unlucky ? Or has Phantasialand definitely cut the main program of Mystery Castle ? Actually we're very disappointed..
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